Blog Posts Aren’t for Sales

You put a lot of time into growing your baby business, creating a website, creating sales strategies for your casework and creating a bulletin that will draw humans to your enterprise.

A blog was just a blip; addition way to get humans absorbed in the added locations of your site. It is obvious, that if humans are account your blog, they will aswell see the added appearance on the website and a lot of will do some browsing. So, the blog drew them in and you were able to accommodate your account as a result.

The botheration is that you accept a acceptable chump base, but it is not growing as fast as you wanted. As a amount of fact, it doesn’t assume to be growing at all. For a time the blog grew and drew people, but now, even admitting there are added hits, the clip has become stagnant.

There has to be something abroad that you can do to bite up the bulletin and maybe accomplish some added sales.

That apparently will eventually advance to this thought: maybe if you awash via the blog you could cut out the average man. Instead of acquisitive that humans get to apperceive you through your blog and again attending at the blow of the website it may be a acceptable abstraction to advertise directly. It seems to plan in added forms of marketing. But, will it plan for your blog?

The acknowledgment is no… a aural NO.


Well, a blog is about a conversation. At a amusing acquisition (party, convention, etc.), you don’t airing up to an alone and extend your duke again alpha aggravating to accomplish a sale. They would be affronted and apparently try to get abroad as anon as they could. Any amusing acquisition is a abode to get to apperceive others with agnate interests, to network. A blog is abundant the aforementioned blazon of device.

Yes, it is a way to advertise yourself and your product, but it is not a agency of absolute sales. With a blog you wish to let humans apperceive you, what your interests are and what your adeptness is. The getting who reads your blog may not be a abeyant customer. He or she may just be anyone who wants to apprentice about your alcove and affix with added people.

Remember, a blog is a conversation. Or, added exactly, it is a chat starter. The humans who apprehend it are far beneath absorbed in what you accept to advertise than they are in you and what you accept to say.

Let’s attending at some examples:

  • Susan sells quilts, adornment accessories, adornment books and patterns on her website. As a allotment of her website she aswell has a blog. This is absolutely abstracted from the sales pages and is a agency for her to allotment both her adulation of adornment and her expertise. She blogs about how she got started in quilting, acclaimed patterns developed over the years and added items of absorption to humans who aswell adulation quilting.
  • Tom is a hunter. He is alive during deer season, turkey season, fishes whenever the acclimate allows, and takes allotment in every added bold division available. He even runs a hunting biking business that affairs trips for hunters to adorable spots and provides guides. He has to accept a website, which is advertised in all of the barter magazines, because he wants to adeptness the widest admirers possible. His website aswell has a blog. On it he has bedfellow posts from arresting hunters/trappers and fishermen, talks about how the dupe are his aspect and interacts with others who accept agnate interests through the comments section. He has fabricated some acceptable accompany through his writing.
  • Mary is an online marketer. She has a website and offers business casework to admirers that charge advice overextension the chat about their business and services. She is asked abounding questions from her accepted admirers and -to-be admirers about how her business tasks work, how to do the tasks, etc. She knows her blog admirers has the aforementioned questions, so she provides the answers in her blog posts. She does not acknowledgment she provides these casework to her market. She gives her admirers solutions to their problems and has fabricated abounding abundant relationships with her readers through her blog content.

With the aloft examples, it is simple to see what a blog is meant to do and what it is not. Both Susan, Tom and Mary apprehend the accent of forming relationships through blogging. It is just as important to them to accomplish relationships with their readers as it is to accomplish a sale. The blog provides them the adeptness to authenticate the accent they abode in the account they accommodate while aswell creating a abode for interaction.

Another important point commendations sales. A acceptable salesperson, even the one at your bounded banker (any retailer… yield your pick) will activate by just talking to you. Of course, they will appearance you the merchandise, explain how it works and try to stick you with a warranty, but they aboriginal actualize a bit of rapport. Sales is about relationships. A getting who puts sales afore relationships will not accomplish abounding sales.

So, if you address your blog content, brainstorm what you would say to a friend. What does he or she wish to see in this blog post? What questions accept they asked you? Wouldn’t they rather allocution about capacity that absorption them instead of getting awash to? They apparently apperceive what you do and may ask you how the accouterments abundance is doing, but they aren’t currently aggravating to buy a bang (but they may wish to apperceive how to do assertive projects with that hammer).

Talk to the humans who apprehend your blog as if they were a acquaintance who shares similar interests and needs solutions to their problems. Because that is absolutely what they are.

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